Adobe Customer Support Experience

I’m trying to install the Adobe Digital Editions program for a customer. I need to install it on about 40 computers, so I’m going to use the automated system I have in place. However upon testing the install I found that the silent install mode (the mode intended for automated installs of software, which asks no questions, and just uses default values) pops up a screen during the install offer annoying junk ware (software that you don’t want, and will probably be detrimental to your system). In this case it was something from Norton. There is no way around unchecking the checkbox that indicates you would like to install the offered junk ware, and then clicking the button to continue the install. This isn’t a silent install.

Annoyed by this stupidity, I decided to contact Adobe to see if they had any solutions.

My first attempt at contact was via the “Chat” support. After much back and forth regarding whether I had an Adobe account, and whether I needed an Adobe account in order to ask a question, I was told to wait 1-2 minutes while he checked my account. I was eventually told there were no “specialists” who could help with my problem, I needed to go to the Adobe forum. I quizzed the support person as to why there where no “specialists” available to ask, and what was the point of a chat support if they couldn’t offer support for their products, but he gave no further details.

With no help there I checked the forum as instructed. I found one existing question regarding my issue, however there was no resolution. The only solution involved adding settings in the guts of Windows to tell it that I had already declined the Norton offer twice, which would then cause the program to install silently. A terrible hack! It might work around the issue for now but what about when they change the junk ware product?

I hunted about for more support avenues and found the “Adobe Tech Comm Support team” email address ( I emailed them thinking I had found the right people; these must be “specialists”. I was disappointed by the reply I received, apparently “Phone/Email support is not available for Digital Editions”.

Sullenly considering my options I had a brain wave! I’ll file a bug report. I hunted down the Adobe bug reporting/feature requesting site. Great! No! There’s no option for submitting bugs for Digital Editions.

So there is no support for this broken product, and no way of reporting this broken feature!

I have settled for filing a bug report under a different product area in the hope someone will offer some help, and I also asked a fresh question on the forum. I’m not expecting anything useful back but stranger things have happened.

As a last resort I have “tweeted” this rant to the Adobe Customer Care (@AdobeCare) twitter account.