Computer Repair

Modern computers contain a lot of different components, any of which can fail, and often in different ways. Therefore it can be tricky to tell what part of your computer is failing, or failed. We’ll analyse the problem at your home or business, and recommend the best course of action to restore your computer back to working condition.

Computer repair isn’t just about components of your computer dying though. We can fix many other problems, such as printers refusing to print, internet connections not connecting, or wireless networking (Wi-Fi) issues.

Most of our customers are unaware that the disk inside their computer (that stores all their files) can ‘die’. This is usually a slow process, but the longer it goes on before being noticed the more files you might lose, up to losing everything. Often, we can recover the majority of the files from a seemingly ‘dead’ disk.

Data recovery is another service we offer, but better than hoping you can recover your lost files is to have a backup copy of them.