You’ve probably already heard about the virus CryptoLocker, that is holding PC user’s documents, pictures, videos, etc to ransom. If not you can read about it here.

I recently heard of the Sandboxie software, and that it can help to protect you from malware (malicious software). It stops selected programs from being able to make changes to files outside of designated areas. So you would isolate your email program (or browser if you are using a webmail service) using Sandboxie, and then if you get the CryptoLocker trojan (or another virus) it wouldn’t be able to access any of your documents or the Windows system files.

The downside is that any attachments you receive in emails or downloads from the web will be in the ‘sandbox’ to, but you can move them out to the regular document area when you are happy they’re safe.

Of course if you want to set this up, but need some please call us.