Internet Explorer 11

Well Microsoft have started pushing out a Windows update for IE (Internet Explorer) 11 causing more of the same problems as with IE 10.

Two customers called me within 20 minutes of each other to say they could no longer access web-sites vital to the functioning of their businesses. One reported that their browser had been updated that morning, and the other was getting a message reporting incompatibilities with IE 11.

After talking them through uninstalling the update to IE 11 they were back in business. I had previously uninstalled the update to IE 10 from all the computers at one of these companies for the same reason.

It seems to me like Microsoft are trying to encourage web-site developers to ensure their web-sites are compatible with browsers other than IE. That way my clients will be able to switch to more reliable browsers such as Google’s¬†increasingly popular Chrome, or Mozilla’s Firefox, and not have to put up with compatibility issues every time there is a new browser release.

If you are having problem with IE 11 compatibility issues you can follow the uninstallation instructions here.