Malware Removal

Computer virus’ and other malicious software (malware) are becoming more and more common, and many people are unaware of the easy steps they can take to help prevent infection.

If your computer does get compromised, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible because you have no way of knowing what information it is stealing from you. Online banking details, credit card numbers, your email account login; if you have it on you computer malware can, and will, steal it.

Using a selection of specialty tools Limey Solutions is able to remove most computer infections and return your computer to ‘normal’. Some malware deletes settings and files, and can cause real problems though, in which case it is often easier to simply restore the computer to it’s original factory settings and start again.

If you do lose all your documents, photos, etc, you can easily recover them if you have a good backup solution. For more information on how you can protect your precious files, give us a call.